Our Aims and Objectives

Our aims and objectives can be characterized as follows:

Hygiene and Infection Control

Civil Hospital, Karachi caters to patients from all of Sindh and most parts of Balochistan. S.O.C.H. aims to promote good hygiene conditions at this large public sector hospital, thereby playing a role in effective infection control. We are currently trying to boost the efficiency of the existing maintenance staff at Civil Hospital, Karachi by providing the hospital with man power, as well as adequate cleaning equipment and chemicals. Currently, our workforce constitutes of four janitors, who are working in morning and evening shifts.

Awareness and Education

S.O.C.H. also aims to raise awareness among the patients, their attendants, non-medical staff, paramedics and medical staff through public service messages and frequent bed to bed awareness campaigns. Our future plans include a charity-based school equipped with state of the art facilities, for the children of paramedics and non-medical staff of Civil Hospital, Karachi.

Soch Hai Sehat Ki

(Thought of Health)

is centered on conducting health and hygiene awareness campaigns in various wards, in collaboration with sponsors.

Safayi Nisf Eman (Hygiene is Half Faith)

emphasizes the importance of hygiene (as established by Islam) and its role in infection control to everyone visiting the hospital, especially the patients.

Pegham-e-Sehat (Message of Health)

collectively represents several multidimensional mass awareness campaigns (in-hospital bed to bed campaigns, mass texting and street awareness) targeted at regularly counseling the general public regarding the importance of hygiene for good health and encourage them to play an active role in creating a healthier environment in their vicinity.

Saaf Hath Sehat ka Raaz (Handwashing; Key to Health)

) is specifically designed to teach the children of Pediatric wards, proper hand washing technique and its importance in infection control, through a specially designed coloring book, videos and hands on experience. We are looking for sponsors and partners for this campaign as this can play a monumental role in controlling the spread of infection.

CURE Project

(Civil Uplifting and Renovation Program)

As part of this project, measures are being taken for the overall infrastructural improvement of Civil Hospital, Karachi. CURE includes white washing, building repairs, addition of charity-supported step-down High Dependency Units in certain wards and increasing sidewalk plantation to improve and beautify the environment of CHK. A Civil Hospital Mapping and Directions Project is also underway, which will facilitate people in reaching their desired destinations within the hospital premises.

School Volunteering Program

A project designed to inculcate the spirit of volunteerism in school going children. Students spend time with patients, spread awareness of infection control and hygiene among them, guide them around the hospital; and help doctors deliver lab tests. Students are also taught medical basics like Vitals, Infection Control, Hand Hygiene and First Aid. If your school or institute would like to participate in this project, or you’re interested in volunteering in an individual capacity, feel free to write to us at soch.chk@gmail.com or visit the Contact Us tab.

Dengue Prevention and Control Program

was launched during the last dengue epidemic. A character, Dr. Dengueradicator was created, who shared tips for self-protection against dengue, and a dedicated website was setup, communicating all information relevant to dengue.

School Outreach Program

This is a multifaceted project where our volunteers organize fun-filled learning activities in schools, in order to teach school-going children the importance of good hygiene.


Mohammad Nadir Haider & Gulrayz Ahmed


Hira Qaiser

General Sectary

Hafsa Moinuddin


Shaikh Sufyan

Operations Director

Oswin Godfrey

SVP Society Director

Muskaan Murk Lakhani

Campaign and Media Society Director

Misbah Zehra

Media and Publicaitons Society Director

Muhammad Yusuf Hafiz

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Note of Gratitude to our Sponsors and Supporters (to be added in the Support Us section below the volunteering/donation options) We are deeply grateful to all our sponsors and supporters without whose faith in our cause and unwavering cooperation, S.O.C.H. could not have come so far. All our services towards Civil Hospital, Karachi and the larger community have appreciably materialized owing to the remarkable support from our generous sponsors and dedicated volunteers. We are especially grateful to Mr. Abdul Ghani, CSR and PR Manager ICI Pakistan; Brig. Mr. Muhammad Abid, Commandant, CMH Gujranwala; Mr. Imtiaz Alam Hanfi, Bank Al Habib, Board of Directors; Mr. Hamid Imtiaz Hanfi, Chairman Board Byco; Mr. Syed Amjad Ali, Professional Consultant Group and Mr. Rehan Ansari, Manager, LPG PSO