SOCH Mapping and Directions Project- July 2016
A problem of patients being confused and lost in the vast expanse of the hospital was identified. To rectify this problem, sign boards were placed at various points in Civil Hospital to correctly guide patients to the multitude of wards in the hospital.

Safai Nisf Imaan/ Deep Clean Project
Safai Nisf Imaan was started in 2014 to maintain standards of hygiene and renovation in the wards under our care. Our volunteers work tirelessly with janitors to ensure these standards are met. This project has now been named Deep Clean Project and increased the number of wards involved and now includes seven wards.

  • Safai Nisf Imaan, 31st August 2013, at the Sarwar Zuberi Liver Center, M5
  • Deep clean Project, 2014 : Cleaning of M1, M3 and S4

Civil Uplifting and Renovation (CURE)
This project aims to renovate the existing infrastructure of Civil Hospital. This includes big tasks like re-painting OPDs and repair of several wards and sidewalks in the hospital.

  • April 2014
  • Repainting of OPD
  • Repainting of water tower

Construction of HDUs
We have been successful in inaugurating HDUs equipped with air conditioning, monitors and all other medical equipment required to care for sicker patients who need more intensive care and cannot be properly managed in the general wards.

  • January 2016 – Inauguration of HDU in Surgical Unit 1
  • Inauguration of Pediatric I HDU (previously pediatric II)
  • Inauguration of Surgical unit-5 HDU (previously Surgical unit-3), 2014